Maja Markovic 


The singer, voice and piano teacher and journalist, Maja Markovic, has been amazed by the concepts of Beauty, Goodness and Wisdom, which were celebrated from the Ancient Greek times and the beginning of European History. She tries to be close to those ideas as much as possible in her life.

Maja commenced her music education playing accordion, piano and taking voice lessons in Music Schools in Sarajevo, She was the member and soloist of children choruses in Music and Elementary schools as well in Aprils Girls Choir which performed through Sarajevo. Her first performances were at Sarajevo's Academy of Music and The Central House of The Yugoslav Army.

She got a BA in Philosophy from Belgrade University and Diploma in Classical singing from Vojislav Vuckovic School of Music. She was devoted to her vocal teacher Mirjana Komnenovic. Mrs. Komnenovic, a pupil of Mrs. Bruna Spiler, one of the greatest music teachers in Yugoslavia and Mr. Zvonko Krnetic, Belgrade opera star, made a basis for everything Maja learned about singing. As the member and soloist of Zemun, Abrasevic and Obilic-Krsmanovic choirs she sang on many concerts in Belgrade - several times in one of the biggest halls in Belgrade, The Sava Center - and toured through Germany and Greece. She participated in International Council for Opera Singers in Belgrade, which was held in Kolarac Hall in Belgrade 2003.

At the same time Ms Markovic worked as a journalist at International station Radio Yugoslavia, later International Radio Serbia, which was broadcasting programs in 12 languages. Working as a journalist for the News department, Maja experienced the toughest time in journalist profession during the bombing of Serbia 1999. Later she was working as an editor and speaker for Morning News. Maja started her concert career 2004 with solo recital in The Atrium of National Museum in Belgrade. When she moved to San Diego, California, in 2005, Maja continued her career performing through San Diego and Los Angeles. She held solo recitals in many libraries and churches and other concert places. In March 2009 she performed as a member of the ensemble in two productions of San Diego Lyric Opera, Trial by Jury and world premiere of Rumpelstitkin by Nicolas Reveles. In last decade Maja performed as a member of different chamber groups and bands like Balkan Band, Vollante Chambers Player and recently formed Tempera Music. Besides active performing, Maja works as voice and piano teacher in her own private studio. Currently Maja lives with her husband and two daughters in San Diego.