Mrs. Markovic started to work for Radio Yugoslavia in January 1999.

In a short time she established herself working in News Department.

Because of very tense political situation in Serbia in 1990s, she started her journalist career in the most challenging times, thrown directly in the fire.

Especially difficult was the bombing of Serbia in spring of 1999, something

that she will never forget. Radio Yugoslavia had domestic program, Yu Radio, in that time, so after several years Maja frequently worked as an editor for

Morning News and speaker for Yu Radio. After moving to San Diego she

continued to take interviews or write short stories mostly about Serbian

emigration in the USA and about interesting facts about USA that represent this country the best to the Serbian public.

Recently she started collaboration with LA Serbs Radio, the only radio station in Serbian language on the West coast.

The article about business Pay It Forward, Inc.

Interview with Mr. Mario Simic, owner of Galleria Simic

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